Katelyn Jones

May 2018

Incredibly unreasonable, not understanding, rude, inhumane, mean, and hypocritical professor. HUGE white feminist. Does not care about you and will not support you if anything interferes with your workload. She has a no late work policy -- that means if your family member dies, if you're sick, if you are in the hospital, if you have any sort of emergency, etc. she will not understand. You are still expected to complete the readings on time, show up to class, take her ridiculous pop quizzes, and finish your assignments. She made us show up to every class but last minute cancelled 5 classes, and then assigned us makeup assignments because SHE cancelled class last minute. Easy class, but HORRIBLE person. She is selfish, narcotic, mean, and not understanding AT ALL. Do not take this class. I would not recommend dealing with her to anyone.