Jean Vaddakan

Apr 2021

She laughed when we didn't know the answers, but the whole department sucks. She doesn't answer emails either (I believe intentionally). Also, why is there a final that's worth so much when YOU WRITE INCREDIBLY LONG LAB REPORTS FOR THE CLASS? Good luck!

Apr 2021

Dr. V is a wonderful, kind lady. She's warm and excited to teach students. She'll take a personal interest in you and will do her best to explain topics to you in office hours. That said, lectures are difficult to sit through and a little disorganized. She's not the best lecturer, and it can be difficult to understand the course material since it's drawn from 50 different sources. If this is a review of Dr. V as a person, then 10/10 one of the sweetest chem professors at Barnard. But as a professor, I wouldn't recommend her. The disorganization issue seems to be an issue with the Barnard chemistry department as a whole, more so than Dr. V herself.

Aug 2020

I do not write reviews often, but I feel like this one is necessary. This class was literally a nightmare. Aside from the fact that Orgo lab is difficult by nature, this class was intolerable due to the lab professors. I have never felt so offended by a group of adults. Students were ridiculed for asking questions, while simultaneously shamed for making any mistakes (which were bound to happen without asking questions). We were expected to remember detail upon detail that were speedily verbalized to us - and not to mention, all of the instructions had nothing to do with what the lab manual said. Like other reviews have mentioned, the grading was completely random and non-standardized across students or individual lab reports. But most of all, this class was so negative because of the attitudes of these lab professors. Disrespectful is an understatement.

May 2018

This class is absolutely horrendous. Compared to Gen Chem Lab the instructors may seem "nicer" upfront but in reality, they are much much worse than Dr.Jay. There is absolutely no transparency in the grading of the labs. They will take off points for arbitrary reasons that change every single week. While you may have had points deducted for reason X, someone else in another lab section may have not. Also if you correct reason X they may take off points again next week. It's ridiculous. I went to office hours every single week and spent a good amount of time on each report but they just decided they wanted to take a lot of random points off every time. They also do not let you know what you got on the final and just post a final grade further indicating the absolute lack of transparency in this class. The Chem department at Barnard is really a hot mess. They have no clear grading standards and no consistency in their grading among lab sections. It really depends on who ended up grading your report aka luck which is not how an intro organic lab should be graded. Bottom Line: Do not take this lab class unless you have to. If you're considering being a chem major only do so if you are willing to put up with bs like this.