Lori Brooks

Jun 2018

Professor Brooks is hands down the worst professor I've ever had. She is incredibly disorganized and just an outright mess. She'd read off her PowerPoint slides for a few seconds and then trail off because she had no idea what the slide was talking about or saying. She'd laugh nervously and apologize, expecting the class to laugh with her, but everyone was just done with her shit. How did she expect us to understand her slides if she herself didn't even know what she was talking about? Her sentences would go on and on and it would take forever for her to even finish because she'd just say "um.....uh...I'm sorry, I'm just collecting my thoughts" but she never actually ever collected her thoughts. No one had any incentive to do the reading or come to class ever. I came to class every day in hopes that she would one day pull herself together but she never did— she was a mess the entire semester. She never knew how to lead discussion or how to critically analyze the readings that she assigned to us. She'd just very vaguely summarize the readings and ask the class what they thought of it. It was a shame because the readings were actually interesting. She didn't create the syllabus until we were over six weeks into the course. Even then, the syllabus listed assignments that she "hoped" to create— not ones that she actually planned. She took attendance but no one even knows if she kept track of it because she literally just had us write down our names on looseleaf paper and turn it in every single day. She assigned one group project towards the beginning of the semester and it was due at the end of the semester. This would have been reasonable if she hadn't 1) randomly assigned us to 10 person groups and 2) had actually given us directions. We weren't given any guidelines or instructions until the last few weeks of school (literally right before it was due) and even then it was super unclear what she expected of us. Also, she tacked on a whole other essay to the group project out of nowhere. She also assigned two reading responses...and we didn't receive the instructions or directions for those until weeks after they were assigned. And at the end of the semester, she assigned us a take-home final, which caught everyone off guard because it was so late in the semester that we assumed that we didn't have a final. Also, we never received feedback on the few assignments that we handed in, so by the end of the semester, everyone in the class was super anxious to see if she was a harsh grader. No one had any idea what their grade was. She ended up turning in our semester grades like three weeks after they were due lmao. I got an A-, so I'm not even writing all of this because I'm pissed about my grade (granted, everyone in the class had had such a horrible experience that they expected her to give us all As for the trouble we went through). I never did any of the readings and only came to class to write my name on the attendance sheet, but I successfully BSed my way through all of the assignments. I'm a strong writer, but I think anyone that knows how to write a decent essay will manage the assignments. I guess if you want a class that doesn't have that many assignments, take this class. I can't say if it's an easy A/A- or not, because everyone I know that got an A- worked really hard for it and deserved it (also, they all happened to be good writers and women's studies majors). She's not a bad person— she's actually really nice. She's just a horrible professor and has no idea how to teach. I could be way harsher if I wanted to— truthfully, I don't know how she was hired, because her reviews at schools she's taught at in the past have been AWFUL (something I didn't realize until I was already enrolled in the course). Basically, don't take a class with her unless you absolutely have to. Don't take a class with her even if the description sounds really interesting and the readings seem thought-provoking. Trust me, it won't be. You'll regret it and she will make you lose your mind. Don't waste a semester with her— there are so many other classes on this campus that will actually help you learn and grow as a student.