Aidan Levy

Dec 2019

Great great teacher. You should take this class to learn something new about music, even if you aren't a musician but just an avid listener.

Nov 2019

Don't ask. Just add. Best UW on your shopping list with everything you are looking for in an instructor and a person.

Jun 2018

I loved Aidan's UW: Music class. The dude is so passionate about pop music and its history, super understanding and kind, an enthusiastic grader and comment-er, and plays such good music in class. Everyone in my class loved different kinds of music, from classical to jazz to Top 40 pop, and Aidan made sure to foster everyone's contributions. The syllabus is amazing and I would recommend reading everything on it even if you're not in the class. Also, read one of his books if you get the chance — he's a good writer and a great researcher.