Francisca Aguilo Mora

Dec 2020

Wow. Just wow. How does she not have a gold start on CULPA? She should. Most enjoyable class/professor I have had at any school I've been to. She gets to know students on a personal level and makes learning the language fun. Online is obviously less enjoyable, but she adapted well by having very clear instructions and utilizing the break out rooms. Break out rooms can be hit or miss, but the way she holds the class makes everyone want to participate. We had a blast. AND it was at 8:40, so the odds were not in her favor!

Aug 2018

Professor Aguilo Mora was the best spanish teacher I've ever had, or could have dreamed of having. She is legitimately gifted at using real world material to incorporate advanced grammatical concepts while increasing your general vocabulary without really noticing all that much. Rather than just arbitrarily studying grammar, she's hand picked perfect topics of discussion that naturally integrate the grammar concepts, in a way that makes what would have been challenging not so challenging after all. She's amazing. She's also willing to work with you where you're at. She's compassionate, and extremely professional in the process. I wish I would take a class with her for the rest of my life. My spanish is a bazillion times better than its ever been.