Begoña Alberdi

Apr 2020

Begoña is incredible! She knows a lot about all of these time periods, and the readings she assigns are all very engaging. She is extremely patient and lovely. I'm a native spanish speaker, so I understood her very well, but she did speak a little fast sometimes, however she is very receptive to feedback and if she's going too fast you can just say so. When some professors say "oh this is a safe space, you can express your opinions freely here," her class is what they mean. It is a very comfortable and productive environment, and I really learned a lot! DO TAKE HER! she's amazing

Oct 2018

Begoña is incredible. She is engaged, funny, patient, understanding, and most importantly very passionate about the material. This course basically uses visual and literary art to explore "la rareza" in Latin American societies of the 20th century– with a special emphasis on social hierarchies around gender and sexuality. It is very interesting, and if you are looking to improve your academic Spanish I highly recommend it.