Martin Flaherty

Nov 2018

Great class! Prof Flaherty is very enthusiastic and helpful. Good course for anyone interested in international law, human rights, or international relations. The readings are comprehensive but you definitely do not need to do them to participate in class. His lectures explain the main points of the reading and make the important distinctions of international law very clear. The workload is 1/3 participation, and 2 6-8 page papers. For the papers he's looking for an understanding of the limitations and challenges of international law, concise writing, and that you did the research to be informed on this paper. He also will look at paper outlines and excerpts of writing in office hours! Also super friendly guy and a good mentor to have. Unless you do not care about human rights or the state of the world, you can't go wrong by taking this class. It's enjoyable and the workload is very light for a 4 credit seminar.