Ari Shechter

Dec 2019

Ari is an earth angel. He doesn't want to be here anymore than you do, so he's not going to get on your case about anything. Very relaxed guy, explains the material very clearly and will go over it as much as possible, this is a VERY easy lab. When there was a death on campus, Ari extended our final reports several times, as well as encouraged us to defer the report if we needed to. Yes this is a boring lab, but you often get out early and it's not hard to get an A as long as you write the lab reports the way you're supposed to. one of the easiest labs I've ever taken.

Nov 2018

Really nice guy - intro to psych is a super easy class. He tests mostly on the lecture so you don't need to read the textbook at all. Quizzes are multiple choice and straight from his slides and lecture. As long as you pay attention in class you can pass without a problem. I highly recommend for a course that won't give you a headache. Also gives off for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur if that's relevant to you