Holger Klein

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Apr 2021

I loved him as a professor! He was really interested in the subject matter and definitely knew a lot. The class was basically all discussion-based and we analyzed artworks. He was helpful and kind during office hours. He provided great videos and reading material that helped you understand the background of the art. Grading was great as long as you could identify the different elements mentioned in class. I ended with an A.

Nov 2020

TAKE HIS CLASS! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! I love this guy! I had him for Fall 2020, my first semester of college. Everything was online, and the transition to college was really scary and rough for me, but Professor Klein made at least part of the weird online experience enjoyable. His class is a bright point in my week, and I have learned so much. He's clearly very passionate about Art History and truly wants every one of his students to learn as much as they can. He is caring and kind, and an easy/fair grader. He doesn't overload you, and he is very understanding of a student's lack of experience in the art history field. Overall a great professor and person.

Jan 2009

Definitely the professor to take for Art Hum (perk: Director of Art Hum). When I had taken Holger (Fall 2007) he had just come back from some random but awesome "sabbatical"...I believe he was at an excavation site somewhere in Europe and was also a curator at a couple of museums. Back to the course, I left that class with a greater appreciation for art, and also considered taking another class (preferably with Holger) but was unable to fit it into my schedule. He is a very kind, down to earth, and passionate about sharing his art knowledge and appreciation with his students.

Dec 2008

Professor Klein deserves a CULPA gold nugget, he is amazing! I had never taken any art history before this course and I am now registered for two art history classes next semester and considering Art History as my second major. Professor Klein presents material very clearly and his discussions are always interesting. He encourages students to participate at all times, answers any and all questions patiently and only calls on those people he thinks have something to say, not on those who are not talking. Everyone in my class spoke several times, even people who usually do not talk in class at all. Professor Klein took us to the Met and invited us for tapas and chocolate covered strawberries at the Met terrace wine bar afterwards. I loved every class and was sad that it was over so fast. My only criticism is that although he is the art hum director, we didn't get through large parts of the syllabus.

Feb 2008

Holger is extremely pleasant and though he is the director of Art Humanities, dont let this scare you! The workload is small, the papers aren't bad, and the tests are really fair. He really allows even amateurs (like myself) gain an appreciation for art! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Aug 2004

He is a great teacher. He makes Art Hum a GREAT experience. He is a fair to easy grader. He tests are long but very doable and fair. He is fun and enthusiastic although he can get cross every once in a while. He clearly enjoys teaching and you feel as though he truly cares about his students. I recommend him 100%. I was thinking of trying to switch out of his class on the first day when I walked in because I had been turned off by some unkind and harsh reviews, but I decided to stay and I am superbly happy that I did.

May 2004

Klein is a nice, reasonable professor, but he is extremely repetitious in his lectures and constantly runs late. If you have a good deal of patience and are interested in Byzantine art, then you are ready for this class. Please note that this class has a discussion section, in which you regurgitate what has already been said by Klein in class. For that reason alone, his class is worth avoiding. He takes attendance for the sections seriously--if you miss one, you have to write a one page summary of the weekly reading. I kid you not.

Dec 2003

Professor Klein is absolutely fantastic. I love him.. my class seems to love him... and overall, he makes art humanities an extremely enjoyable experience. I came into the class with little to no knowledge of art and left with not only a great handle on the basics of momumental art and art movements through history, but a love for the subject and a desire to learn more. He makes art fun. Take his class... don't switch out if you get his section!!!

Nov 2003

Professor Klein is AMAZING. He LOVES medieval art, and his enthusiasm is catching. Ive never been in a class with so many oppurtunities to go and view the actual art with the professor. Every class is interesting and I love it, and Im sorry its coming to an end.

Mar 2003

Klein is from Germany but he corrects your grammar mistakes in your paper more strictly than your L&R teacher, ach! He is very friend and sweet at first( so i did not drop his class), then his moods varies in each class, be extra-careful because he can be really harsh and cynical from time to time, but he can be very patient and nice another time, he hates lateness although he is always late for 5 min. or so, he publicly yells at the girl slept in his class(then the girl left classroom in the middle), he never tells you the answer but keeps asking you the same question--when you finally fed up with this very difficult to please and moody prof. he gives you an OK grade at the end of the semester( at least not as bad as you thought)-and--you can never be his favorite student in class, who you think worths less than a dollar. - Woohwww--your call! but in general, he is better than any graduate students teaching art hum.

Dec 2002

Holger's a good teacher. He really knows all the material and is good at leading discussions about it. Sometimes it gets a little boring and its easy to nod off with the lights off, but he's definitely a good professor to have. Occassionally he calls on people and he doesn't give out assignments until a class or two before, but otherwise he's witty and amusing and uber friendly, and a good teacher to have.

Jan 2002

Holger Klein is a-ok. He's not fabulous, but he's not so bad either. He's friendly, he's got a sense of humor, he's not too old yet, and he knows his stuff. He was understanding about late assignments. I tended to be bored when he actually lectured; he droned a bit and his voice is a little monotonous. My biggest problem with him was that he often seemed to have very set opinions about very open questions. He didn't try to force his opinions on others, but neither was he interested in exploring ideas he didn't gel with. I wouldn't seek him out again, but neither would I take measures to avoid him.

Jan 2000

Prof Klein is really great if you're into the material and don't mind doing a lot of work for an OK grade. He gives quite a bit of work, and is VERY stingy with the grades, you will have a hard time getting above a B+ in this class. You're also expected to have done the reading (quite a bit) every day, to come to class every day (he takes attendance every day), and to talk in class (i believe it's about 20% of your grade) He's a cool guy tho and lots of fun (many class outings to museums etc.) however, if you really need a good grade or like to sleep in occasionally this is not the class for you. On the other hand, if you're just in it to learn sweet stuff about art he's a great prof.