Ellie Bennett

Dec 2018

Professor McDermott reads a lot off the slides and I never felt like she actually taught much. Professor Gonzalez was much better as a lecturer as he added useful information that couldn't be found on the slides. Sometimes, the content was quite confusing and hard to follow with his slides, and maybe sometimes more than we need to know, but overall I enjoyed him more. The course overall was a little boring and unorganized. Communication about deadlines and homework assignments were not clear at all and the TAs were confused too. Ellie was great and often gave hints about what we need to know about weekly quizzes and midterms. There is a weird lead paper that needs to be done, due at the end of the semester. Directions and deadlines weren't clear at all. However, grading is somewhat loose on it. It just seems kind of BS to me. Overall, though, would recommend to take if you want to get chemistry done in one semester instead of two. It's not that hard of a course.