Alexandra Florea

Apr 2020

I have heard a lot of negative things about Prof. Florea and while she is bad for a certain sort of student, she was great for me. She is incredibly clear and efficient; she walks into the classroom the second it starts, says quietly "Well let's begin today's class" and immediately launches into lecturing. While at times her pace can be a bit too swift, she will answer your questions clearly (albeit with a soft little smile on her face if she thinks it's a stupid question) (I got that smile a lot) and is also helpful in office hours. If you need someone who goes slow this maybe isn't the class for you but I really enjoyed this section of Calc I.

Dec 2018

Professor Flores is amazing. Her lectures are very clear and she does a great job answering questions. My class had a lot of people who were not particularly math inclined and she was always willing to answer their questions. Her answers were always short and to the point and it seemed like this was very effective. She is an extremely sweet person and is excited to help students that go to office hours or stay after class. A great first semester math course!