Zachary Sylvan

Jan 2021

Professor Sylvan is a really really nice person, but his class was very frustrating and often confusing. His tests were almost impossible, incredibly confusing, and did not feel anywhere close to the difficulty level of homework problems or anything we covered in class. Again, he is so nice, just a frustrating teacher and a little disconnected from his students. Not a large workload, but a very difficult class.

Dec 2020

He can be very confusing at times. I wouldn't say he's terrible, but he's definitely not good at teaching. His classes are also really awkward, and he goes "oh no" every time he miswrites something which is kinda over the top sometimes. If you took AP Calc BC, then you probably don't need this class. I got a 4 on that AP exam and they told me to still take Calc II for honestly no reason. It's a repeat of all the information.