Sarah R Bin Tyeer

Dec 2018

Sarah bin Tyeer is an Arabic Literature professor and has taught Lit Hum for a while, so she's knowledgeable about past texts and translations previously used by the department. She was able to discuss at length about the differences in translations of Homer's Odyssey (Emily Wilson vs. Richmond Lattimore) and other Lit Hum texts. Her class is fairly laid-back, although if she suspects that you aren't doing the reading, she will personally ask you in the middle of class to participate in discussion. She has perfected the balance between professor instruction/facilitation and student participation. She chooses to grade papers anonymously to eradicate bias also. She is very welcoming and available if you ever need to contact her/have office hours. Overall, she is very kind, intelligent, and a wonderful professor. I highly recommend her for anyone (my class had a couple of classics-oriented people, athletes, and STEM majors - they all enjoyed the course equally).