Xavier Roy

Dec 2020

I had Professor Roy for General Chemistry I. I thought the course was fair, but definitely not the easiest. This course had no assigned homework and OWL practice problems were optional. The OWL assigned questions could be helpful, but were limited in number for many topics--for example, once you had finished three questions on hybridization, there was very little additional practice provided through OWL other than redoing the questions. It is basically up to students to find a relevant textbook and practice problems, which requires self-discipline. Office hours were AMAZING. I found Professor Roy to be patient and he would gladly re-explain or review course material covered, do practice problems, or answer unrelated questions about chemistry or chemistry research (even if it wasn't directly related to the course content.) Exams are straight-forward and questions are very reasonable, but only if you really know your stuff. Study, study, study and study some more. Re-watching lectures is sometimes key to pick up on tiny details. Topics Covered: -Periodic table -Lewis Structures -Charges (formal / oxidation) -Bonding -Energy levels and electrons (math and equations) -Spectroscopy -NMR -Hybridization -Molecular Orbitals -VSPER -Quantum chemistry (the basics) -Isomers, Structures of inorganic chemistry (because Professor Roy studies inorganic chemistry / synthetic chem. we focused on inorganic instead of organic chem as our last unit.) -Rotational and Vibrational Energy -Coordination complexes (inorganic chem) -Ligands(inorganic chem) -Transition metals bonding (inorganic chem)

Dec 2020

Roy was okay, but I didn't love this class. He pretty much read from the lecture slides and went through material super quickly. He seemed annoyed whenever we tried to ask questions, and using piazza was a nightmare. He doesn't offer extra credit like Parkin unless you're really anal about responding on Piazza, and the quizzes are awful. I don't know if this was because we were online, but he didn't tell us anything about where we stood grade-wise the whole semester and refused to discuss anything about the curve/distribution. There was no mandatory homework, but the exams felt pretty difficult. Overall, not the best experience. I probably should've taken Parkin just so I could at least get some extra credit.

Jan 2019

Definitely recommend Gen Chem with professor Roy. I came in knowing very little chemistry and believing that I suck at it, I ended up really enjoying it and got a very good grade. The class isn't easy, but totally manageable. Honestly, for a 4 credit course, I thought it would be much worse. It's one of those courses where you have to study rather than turn in problem sets, so it's a bit more of an independent work on your part, but all the info is provided in lectures. Here's a very important piece of advice: put prof. Roy's office hours on your schedule. It's basically free, fun tutoring. You don't even need to have any questions - if you ask him, he will re-explain the material to you.

Dec 2018

Seems like he was the easiest of the gen chem teachers this semester. Very, very little homework. Exams are straight-forward and questions are very reasonable. This class is very manageable for someone who has prior chemistry experiences (like AP Chem). But the lectures themselves are very hard to follow and the class is probably very difficult/a lot of self-studying for someone who has little to no chemistry exposure prior to taking it.