Julianna Visco

Jan 2019

AMAZING!!! Julianna is so kind and helpful. At first, I tried so hard to switch out because her class was at 8:10AM ~which is always a struggle~ but she made it so worth it that I stayed for the 2nd semester. She is a very lenient grader, and you can get away with slacking off and not reading everything. I'd like to stress that you are able to rewrite your essays, which hardly any other lit hum teachers allow! She also grades the midterm and final extremely generously, and it saved my GPA. However, because she is so sweet, it makes you want to work hard for her and participate in class. I ended up learning a lot about the texts we read, so this doesn't count as a blow off. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Even if you aren't a morning person like me, Julianna will make the class one of your favorites.