Rebecca H. Lossin

Jan 2019

Rebecca's class will chiefly be defined by the group of people you take it with. She generally is well versed in the works, but has a particular reading of each piece with different aspects that particularly caught her eye which she creates the lesson plan on. She doesn't lecture much, and students will do a presentation on each work so there's lots of room for varying ideas about the texts. That said, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this openness will not equate to guiding the discussion, but that one can add their ideas on Rebecca's pre-planned discussion topics. For class, there are three short essays of 2-3 pages which she grades a bit easier than the final paper which is between 6-8 pages. There are the aforementioned presentations, and class participation (which can be substituted for office hours discussions, but you do still have to show up to class even if you don't talk during it). The midterms and finals are a bit stressful, but she provides a study guide and a session in which she helps guide us to the answers she's looking for (she expects us to reach the final answers for the study guide, but is willing to help lead the class to where to look for those answers, and to a more refined understanding of answers which students have come to themselves). This guide is comprised of questions that won't be on the test, but that if one understands how to answer the questions on the guides they will be able to answer those questions that will be on the exams.