Lien Van Geel

Feb 2019

This was the worst experience I ever had in a Latin class. Latin is definitely not one of Lien's strong areas -she has more of an ESL-English Lit. background. She makes you memorize her own, ESL, incorrect translations, which almost always contradict our required textbook commentary that she deemed to be consistently wrong. In addition, she has her very own set of syntactical terms, usually beginning with "special --", such as Lien's "special dative", "special adjective with an ablative", etc. You will be required to memorize this jibberish and forget the correct terminology you ever learned in previous semesters. She does not encourage class participation, rather she stares the entire duration of the class at her book without looking up, and reacts viciously when you raise your hand to ask a question (which she obviously doesn't know the answer to), or point out an inconsistency (she will defend her errors to death). And be warned, if you write anything less than a complete hagiography about her in course reviews, she will retaliate against you with a vengeance. Overall, this was the most confusing, twisted, backwards, upside-down, and inside-out experience. Lien needs to put aside her huge hoola-hoop skirts and take her job more seriously.