Nicholas Salter

Dec 2020

Nicholas was a very good lecturer - he tried to help you really understand the concepts intuitively/geometrically, which was helpful because some of the material in this class is hard to visualize. I didn't go to his office hours often but he was very helpful the times I did go. The midterm and final questions were similar to examples done in class or on the homework, but he did make a few of the exam questions a bit harder than problem set ones. I still thought the assessments were well within reason! I'd recommend this class/professor for anyone looking to fulfill a requirement.

Dec 2020

Nick was such a fine teacher! His explanations are thorough but his teaching style is a bit fast-paced. If you're coming straight from calculus/linear this may be a bit difficult but otherwise, he matches the teaching pace of other higher math classes. He follows the book well and is a great math lecturer. He's overall down to earth and easy-going. Pleasant class to take teacher-wise. Content-wise the class is a bit more difficult given that you probably don't get much exposure to any kind of complex analysis in lower math, but it's not unbearable. (Also, shout out to his cat that would frequently pass between him and his camera. Those small glimpses of a cute cat made this 3000 level math class a bit more worth it during these uncertain times :').)

Apr 2020

I took linear algebra with Nick and i really liked it! He explains things very clearly and makes jokes about the material to make class a bit more interesting :) Overall, Nick Salter is amazing. I'm taking his complex because I liked his linear so much!