Andrew Lipman

Feb 2019

I would highly recommend this course with Professor Lipman. He is probably one of the most interesting teachers I've ever had. His lecture styles is basically framed around a questions and key words each day. There is no textbook, and this course is not about memorizing names or dates. Instead, his lectures feel like he simply comes in and starts talking. He is very personable, funny, and the topics are interesting. In one class, for example, he talked about how the shoreline from the crustacean period matches up with southern voting demographics today. In another class, he talked about how the branching language families among indigenous people indicated the environment in which the different groups lived. Also included was an outdated Brangelina joke and the use of a breakfast sandwich to describe the war of 1812. It was actually really enjoyable to come to class each day because the lectures were that enjoyable. The workload is pretty reasonable. Each week there were about 100 pages to read, though the last book is a graphic novel, and a paragraphish long response to a quotation and a question. There were 3 essays, but the topics were very specific and they were all using the homework reading, so they were not that difficult. Additionally, there were midterm and final exams, which were basically just on the key terms in the lectures and on the questions that framed the lectures. They were very thematic based vs about memorizing names and facts.