Leigh Schanfein

Apr 2019

This class would've been interesting if it wasn't taught supremely badly. Leigh attempts to skim over the entirety of the human body's anatomy as well as physics concepts, reading off of slides, while delving into neither. This means, unfortunately, you don't actually learn anything. The physics portion, although hardly covered in class, takes up the majority of the homework, midterm, and final, meaning that if you haven't taken physics in a while, you're going to need someone to re-teach you the concepts (because Leigh certainly doesn't) and the assignments will be a source of stress. If you are good at physics, this class will be boring for you because the concepts are very basic. Whenever the assignments aren't physics oriented and are long answer, it can be hard to decipher what she's actually asking of you. She's extremely subjective and doesn't seem to grade on effort at all, only things she expects you to know even if she hasn't taught it to you. This leaves a lot of room for favoritism. Leigh is extremely knowledgable and it's clear she knows her stuff, so it's unfortunate she can't teach. You'll get an A or B, but you'll regret taking the class.