Weike Wang

Apr 2019

Really liked taking this class and the feedback from classmates and Professor are very rich. We discuss each other stories in depth and discuss how to make it better. She would bring some snacks as well. The workload is not heavy at all, very manageable. However, as much as I liked the class it was very boring. Professor Weike tries to facilitate the conversation but her overall tone is monotone with no emotion whatsoever making the class boring. There would be some students taking over the conversation rather than the Professor. Though she is a gem, she tries to push her own ideas onto the writers presenting which is the only thing I did not like about the class. She kept pushing it even after the writer has explained her own decisions in her story. The readings she occasionally gives out just serve as filler discussions and nothing really comes out of it. I do recommend the class for her notes, but not for her lecturing.