Jishnu Shankar

Feb 2020

Jishnu is one of the worst professors at Columbia and I encourage everyone to think twice before staying in the class with him. Jishnu openly degrades and humiliates his students, and picks on them for everything. He will make fun of your speaking and pronunciation and degrade you in front of the entire class. He has picked on students to the point where they start to miss class because they cant deal with his bullying. He is a terrible professor. Take Aftab or Rakesh instead! They are amazing professors, and you will actually grow as a HIndi speaker with them as your mentors. I dont think I learned anything the entire semester because of Jishnu.

May 2019

I really did not enjoy this class. It's incredibly dry, and Jishnu's habit of talking slowly and going in-depth on grammatical minutiae really impeded my learning experience. Most of the class was spent reading stories or articles aloud and translating. I'd argue my grasp of Hindi diminished over the course of the semester. On top of that, he's an irrationally hard grader who gave NO full marks on any HW, even if you sent him a rough draft to review beforehand. Don't recommend -- take a class with Rakesh or Aftab instead.