Kristina Milnor

This professor has earned a CULPA gold nugget

Mar 2019

AWESOME professor. I took Classics and Film with her and she does a great job of taking some formidable texts and making them accessible and even relatable. She is very outgoing and quirky and friendly. Class is spent productively and enjoyably. Would highly recommend!

Nov 2018

Kristina Milnor is a sweetheart who cares about her students! Her lectures are very clear and comprehensive. She does a good job of organizing the course and makes sure that students have the opportunity to participate in class discussion. Her TA, Kat, is also amazing and incredibly thoughtful. I always looked forward to this class because the material was genuinely interesting and Prof Milnor puts effort into making the lecture interesting. She is also very organized and will provide the different essay prompts early. She will also read drafts or excerpts from papers for feedback, making it pretty straightforward to do well. She gives you a list of the readings covered in the midterm and the final in advance. If you're committed to the class, do the readings, and participate, it isn't difficult to do well. This is also a really valuable course given that classics function as the foundations for so many other disciplines and historically marginalize women. This is a really enjoyable class that you will get a lot out of.

Dec 2017

Milnor is a really nice person and a great lecturer! I had her for Reacting to the Past. The nature of the class doesn't really call for much professor involvement, as the class is student-run. Sometimes that was frustrating because she would grade me down for something that she never mentioned in class because every class she would just watch us and not say anything. But if you have her, GO TO HER OFFICE HOURS!! She is so great in office hours because she tells you exactly what she expects and then if you do it she will give you an A. Overall she's an incredibly nice person, and this class is SUPER FUN!! I highly recommend.

Dec 2017

Professor Milnor is a really sweet person and professor who is very willing to accommodate you if needed. Although she is very hands-off because that is how the games/the course is structured, she will help and guide you if you ask. This class is very much what you make of it and Milnor will support it either way.

Jul 2017

This is one of my favorite classes that I have taken to date. Prof. Milnor has a dry wit and an engaging way of lecturing-- class always flew by. Her commentary made some of the drier material bearable, and she is aware that some of the films are a little hard to get through. The movies and texts were interesting on their own, but Prof. Milnor's extensive background knowledge filled in gaps and placed each in context of social and politic events. I liked the first half of the course better, as it focused on Greek texts and their film adaptations, but the second half (Roman texts and adaptations) was still interesting, just not as engaging for me. I took it as a non-Classics or Language major, and I feel that I got 97% out of the class. Some of the references were lost on me, but Prof. Milnor does a great job at introducing different themes and periods in Classical literature necessary for the class. Overall, this is one of the best classes I have taken (with one of the best Professors!) and I can't recommend it enough.

Dec 2016

She can teach you 2 years worth of Latin in 12 weeks if you're willing to put in the effort. Very, very, very good at what she does. She genuinely cares and goes through every single line and will answer every question with more patience than is humanly possible.

Sep 2016

As the name implies, it is very intense. Starting out we had 30 lines the first day and by the end of the first week, we were doing between 50 and 60 a day. At the end of the six weeks, we were up to about 70 line per day. She is an amazing teacher who honestly cares and will take the time if you ask her. Honestly, this is the best way to complete your language requirement for Columbia. It is six weeks, you don't read it as much as you would in the full year-long course, and it's pretty fun. However, if you are a classics student or a classical studies student, I would not recommend this. For me, you were going so fast and translating so much that you didn't have time to make your translations all they could be to further your understanding of the Latin language. It was hard to gain vocabulary because you rushed through everything and didn't have time to build up your vocabulary for the 3000 level follow-on courses you need to take after. In short: Great teacher, very intense, everybody got A's, great way to fulfill your language requirement, but not if you're a classics student.

Apr 2015

I absolutely loved this class, and Milnor definitely contributed to that. The nature of this class is that the professor doesn't participate in class very much, but she did a great job of introducing the set up of the game and giving us help with our characters and papers. Honestly, this class turned a little cultish and we loved it. We had such a good time that we scheduled a class dinner at Symposium and Milnor came and somehow used a budget to get it all paid for, which was awesome. We got to talk to Milnor and it was so fun. She told us that our class was the best she ever had, sooo that's pretty cool. We all had such a fantastic and ridiculous time arguing and having crazy things happen. I would absolutely recommend this class to students who love participating and debating, like history, and are willing to take some risks. If you are scared or bad at public speaking or dislike being involved, this class will definitely not be as fun for you. Some kids just never participated and they missed out.

Nov 2014

Definitely a class I would recommend to anyone. Professor Milnor knows what she is doing and engages everyone into the games. If you're struggling or needing help with anything, she is very, very good with office hours. I would suggest going over each paper with her and running your ideas through her then. She is overly generous with the critiques and is very willing to help. This class was definitely the highlight of my first semester.

May 2014

Professor Milnor is the total package: she knows her stuff, she's an excellent educator, and she's probably the most understanding professor I've had all semester. I'd like to compare her to Gulatti almost. Her classes are hard, but she makes you want to put in the work and the classes are extremely interesting. About a review below saying Milnor has favorites, I'd have to disagree. She appreciates everyone's strengths, as some people were better writers and others were amazing speakers. I think Milnor needs her gold nugget back. The amount of time she dedicates to her students is unheard of. She meets with students on different days than her office hours. Now for grading: I got a C- on my very first paper and went to her two times on my next one and got a C+. However, I eventually figured out how she wanted the papers to be written (it's a learned process) and have gotten A-/A's on all the rest of them. I couldn't have done this without her help. I recommend sending her a rough draft (because its not required) before the paper is due. Her feedback is extremely helpful for not only the grade but for the writing aspect. I mean hello, she knows Latin, she has amazing grammar. I am the most proud of taking this class as a first year at Barnard. I recommend taking it with Milnor for the complete holistic Reacting to The Past experience.

Jan 2014

Prof. Milnor really knows her stuff. Not only is she a great professor, she is also a very "real" teacher who understands her students' needs not only as students but also as human beings. This class was pretty hard, but it was also interesting...mostly because of her lectures. The reading is not always necessary (note: you do not need to read what is on courseworks...she actually tells us this in passing...just the "primary texts" and you will be just fine). I definitely recommend this class and honestly, any class with Professor Milnor. Really, she has a "gold nugget" for a reason.

Jul 2009

Milnor is obviously an educated woman with a great background. Yes, she is nice, but I took part in Milnor's class and found her to have "favorites", i.e. those who suck up to her in class and talk a mouthful. If you don't suck up to her, expect a B. She once told us that we could write our papers in a creative writing form if we'd like and so I did, and she admitted she really enjoyed and "would have been an A+ if this was a creative writing class"...and so she ended up giving me a C instead. I confronted her about what she said and she responded "Oh, did I? Well...I don';t recall that I said it and you were the only one who wrote this paper in creative writing form, so...sorry."

Sep 2006

I want Kristina Milnor to be my best friend. Failing that, I want to speak Latin so I can take more of her classes! Seriously, Milnor is a friendly, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable lecturer; she has a way of skewering a movie/writer/director that's at once funny and insightful. There wasn't a whole lot of discussion in this 60-student class, but there was some, and you could always corner her afterwards if you had a burning question or comment. She made an effort to get to know everyone at least a little, and she was definitely the thing that made the 4-hour class bearable.

May 2005

Professor Milnor is kind, good humored, knowledgeable, and passionate about her field of study. She is very interested in interdisciplinary approaches to certain subjects, which can be very tricky. Adding different disciplines can easily confuse and confound the subject. However, Professor MilnorÂ’s clear mindedness and astute interpretations of the texts and films made class thoroughly enjoyable. Her lectures are succinct, informative, and easy to follow. Professor Milnor never lost sight of the texts in context to their times. She is not one to champion modern, psycho-analytical readings of antiquity, and this makes concepts in the text so much clearer. For an English major looking to fulfill a film requirement, I guarantee that this class will not only inform you on a fascinating genre but make you understand the influence of antiquity in the modern world. I also highly recommend this class to film majors since it teaches you so much about translating literature onto a filmic medium. In short, Professor Milnor is absolutely fantastic.

May 2005

This was actually a great class. Professor Milnor knew the material well and was very enthusiastic about the class in general. She brought both a professional and personal touch to class and the topic. She has the fairest grading mentality I have seen, grouping the class into their respective years so that a frosh straight out of high school and a classics major in her senior year are not graded the same.

May 2005

AMAZING. seriously, take any class with her. she's amazingly smart and somehow makes latin hilariously funny. and easy to understand. she must be, like, a witch doctor or something.

Jan 2005

Reacting to the Past is in general an interesting course. It's kind of fun, especially if you like public speaking. Prefessor Milnor was very enthusiastic, and she really seemed to enjoy the class. Her grading was very generous. By my calculations, making about three well-informed or provocative statements per class gets you an A in participation. The papers were all essentially creative writing exercises; you just write a speech from the point of view of your character. If you include a decent amount of quotes, you will get A's. I've heard Carnes, the other Reacting prof, is much harder. So, basically, reacting with Milnor was fun, and it was a really easy A.

Apr 2003

This is what Latin is all about: enthusiasm, humor, and knowledge. And it's all embodied in Professor Milnor: she is hilarious, interesting, enthusiastic, completely friendly to students, accessible outside of class, and friendly when your translation needs some help. She doesn't yell "wrong!" when you're off the mark with translation or analysis, but says "ooooookay" and helps you out. I would chose Professor Milnor for all my latin classes if I could.

Jan 2003

Milnor is an awesome professor. She loves Classics and it shows (if you dont trust me just wait and see her tatoo!). She is enthusiastic, intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and really wants her students to learn. I highly recommend her as a professor, and cant wait to take more classes taught by her

Apr 2001

Professor Milnor (who designed the class herself) is the thing that makes classics worthwile. She's completely down to earth and very accesible, and is an awesome lecturer. I, a person who has absolutely no interest in classics, highly recommend the class, but only if Milnor is teaching it.

Jan 2000

Prof. Milnor is one of the best teachers in the department. She is very accessible. She truly wants you to learn the material and will help any way she can. As an elementary language class, the grammar can get pretty boring at times, but she works hard to keep the subject interesting. I would recommend any class that she teaches!!!