Sarah Mass

May 2019

Professor Mass is an INCREDIBLE teacher. She's a clear lecturer, thorough, and incredibly available for answering questions. I always felt comfortable asking questions in lecture when I didn't understand the material, and Professor Mass did her best job to answer them. The readings were a bit excessive, in my opinion, but some of them were valuable. I enjoyed the primary source material we read (especially the book about the slums!) and preferred those to the articles we read. I think that it was commonly too much to cover in lecture and sometimes didn't really fit the topics we had discussed. My otherr criticism is that the class has a short writing assignment in March, a midterm exam in February (felt super early), a 5-page paper in April, and a take-home final exam. I would've preferred to have a midterm and final that we both sat rather than the take-home, because the questions were released on Monday and due on Thursday, which conflicted with all of my other finals and was super stressful. I found the number of assignments unneccessary, and didn't really add to my understanding of the course. (However, I loved the digital humanities paper, albeit it was a confusing assignment at first!)