Audrey Amsellem

Jan 2020

I also took Music Hum with Audrey in spring 2019, and I feel the need to correct the record that the previous reviewer set. Audrey was actually a pretty good professor, and was exceptionally nice during office hours, which is why I felt compelled to post. It was pretty easy to figure out her style and build my papers around that, which resulted in an A+ (my first A+ at Columbia, despite being an econ major). People do participate quite extensively in class, but judging from the friends I took the class with as well as myself, Audrey actually grades pretty leniently with participation as long as you at least talk once each class. Most of my friends and me ended up with A's, despite being not musically inclined.

May 2019

just awful, do not take her, she takes this class wayyyyyy too seriously, if you don't know music she is not for you. she expects you to be some sort of classical music genius and expects everyone to say 40 things everyday, she will fail your participation grade if you don't. Really bad class.