David Schneller

May 2019

David Schneller is a nice man and certainly knows how to keep you awake at 8:40am. The class was not difficult and David is super cheerful and funny. His background is in classical art so he really made the beginning of the semester interesting. However, I felt as though his class was geared mostly towards people who had no background in art and were taking art humanities because it was required. He really tried to make the paintings/sculptures/architecture interesting but I think he often overgeneralized the works and prepped us on how to memorize info for the midterm/finals without really teaching us to understand the art from a deep, critical level that I had hoped for. If you have some background in art or art history and looking to push yourself, you're going to leave this class not satisfied - I would look for a different teacher. However, if you're not interested in art and looking for a chill class (and an early riser) that's an easy grade - definitely take this.