Elaine Van Dalen

May 2021

Professor Van Dalen is an absolute gem. Definitely take her CC if you get the chance! She is accommodating, very smart, funny, and genuinely cares about her students as well as the material. I found her grading to be *very* fair. Take her class!!!!!!

Apr 2021

Professor Van Dalen is wonderful! She did a really good job with CC and I definitely recommend her if she continues teaching this class because she knows the material super well and really cares about helping her students understand it too. I feel like her grading wasn't easy, but it was very fair and she gave everyone chances to succeed in essays and in participation. Each student presented on a reading during every class, and Professor Van Dalen would also give short lectures which were lifesavers when I didn't do the reading lol. Definitely a 10/10 CC professor.

Oct 2020

Elaine Van Dalen could cut off my limbs piece by piece and I would thank her for her time. She is such a nice person, clearly LOVES what she does, and is enthusiastic about literally everything she talks about. Clearly one of the best professors in the MESAAS department. My biggest criticism of her was that she would allow anyone to say anything, which included a lot of racist and orientalist perspectives which would leave the POC students in a position of defending their livelihoods and existence. It's because she wants the class to be as open as possible but it often backfires and she didn't stop any of them. But this is not to persuade anyone to NOT take her class, I would take every one of my classes with her if I could. I also want to say that she is a very fair grader, and she is kind and compassionate. Like she actually cares about you and wants to make sure your mental wellbeing is at a stable place, unlike many professors at this godforsaken institution. 100/10 would recommend. Queen.