Guilia Sacca

Jan 2021

Sack of trash is what this class is. Her lectures are very confusing whether you're watching them live or recorded. Her flow is so choppy and inconsistent. She takes notation lightly which will confuse first-time learners of the dot-product. She assumes prior knowledge of linear algebra that makes the presentation of the material confusing. If you are an avid reader of the textbook then you'll perhaps be fine but if you're expecting quality lectures to understand the material, you're in the wrong section. She made our second midterm harder to intentionally bring down the average, wtf? Are we here to learn or compete for a grade? Additionally, she tested us on stuff that we didn't even learn yet. I did better in my higher-level courses which just goes to show that she intentionally made this course more difficult than it should be. BTW, she miscalculated our final grades which goes to show how seriously she takes this. I don't like writing bad reviews, but this is the worst professor I've ever had. Be warned!

Jan 2021

This is a no-nonsense linear algebra course. It will teach you exactly what you need to know, with no unnecessary BS but without glossing over anything important. Sacca is a great prof. One of the best I've had at Columbia, and easily the best-adapted to online learning (in pandemic times). Her explanations were incredibly clear, lectures were straightforward, and she was incredibly helpful in office hours and when people asked questions. She will never baby you, and will never just feed you an answer - she'll make you reason it out for yourself - but she will help you along if you are stuck, and her goal is never to make you feel bad, just to learn. Sacca clearly just loves math and wants you to learn it well. If you have the opportunity to take this class with her, I highly recommend it.

Jan 2020

I found this to be pretty easy and straightforward as a class. She is a fine teacher to have. Lectures are basically the material that the textbook covers and the material itself isn't incredibly challenging. The exams were much easier than the homework and the problems we did in class, which was nice.