Guillaume Haeringer

Apr 2021

This class was the most absurd class I have ever taken at Columbia. The professor didn’t give any partial credit on problem sets, and the lectures were unstructured and boring. The final was due the day after christmas. Comparing outcomes with a friend afterward, grades seemed arbitrary and meaningless, not linked to how well you really did on tests and psets. Avoid this class at all costs. It is a waste of your time and I’m not sure why they allow it to be taught this way.

Dec 2020

I took this class online. The professor told us on the first day of class we would have all take-home assignments and could collaborate a bit with classmates, so I thought the class was a bit easier than usual. Generally, the class was not so challenging due to the help of friends mostly. However, Professor Haeringer is excruciatingly boring in class and is not a great professor. He is not bad at explaining concepts in class, but the problem sets and exams are certainly a bunch harder and more nuanced than what we do in class. Additionally, he writes his problems as if he just plugs his questions directly into google translate from french. They can be impossible to understand and he is not got at clarifying. He is also pretty lazy, as he did not grade our midterm and the rest of our problem sets until AFTER he posted our final in the middle of finals week. The absolute worst part of this semester was how he screwed students over in the last week. On the last day of class, he assigned an extra problem set (in addition to the one that was due in the middle of finals) to be due on a Sunday, and he pushed the due date for our final until December 26th, after Christmas. To make it worse, a bunch of the final is impossible to understand and unnecessarily tedious. This guy is terrible. Never taking one of his classes ever again.