Scott Kaufman

Nov 2019

Scott seems like a cool enough dude at first glance. His lectures are long and chill.Kind of boring though. Also he tries really hard for us not to use our laptops but will give in. He posts all of his slides on Canvas. Be aware that he uses Polls Everywhere to take attendance. He assigns reading but only people who really want to learn this stuff actually do them. The work load is light. There are easy weekly growth assignments which are supposed to help with self introspection and such. There is a meta-reflection essay, a midterm, and a final. He absolutely snaked us this year and gave us a multiple choice midterm which many people did poorly on, instead of his traditional essay based exam where he gives your prompt/topics in advance. Fortunately he said he won't do a MC exam again. So hopefully he sticks to that, because that midterm blew. Scott tries to act like he is a homie but I see through the facade. He also brags about how Charlie Sheen yelled at him on stage. Overall, he's a funny dude and very easy going. The best part about the class is recitation, where you talk about your weekly reflection/growth assignment and your feelings. Chia-Ning (Jenny) Wang is the GOAT and is an awesome TA. She is a real homie. Definitley take this class if you want to learn about positive psychology, learn how to practice a healthy mindset, or just want an easier class fill your schedule.