Alison Pischedda

Apr 2021

She's so sweet. Great for a first Upper Level Bio class, or if you want to know cool facts, or have a science but lighter load.

Feb 2021

Professor Pischedda is a FANTASTIC professor. She is hilarious, kind, and genuinely wants her students to succeed and actually learn the material, not just memorize a bunch of facts. I took this course during Spring 2021 in the immersive format, so it definitely was different than in past years, especially because there were no exams. However, I feel like I learned more in this class without exams because instead, we had to write answers to "critical thinking" questions and actually take the time to apply what we learned. Take this class!

Dec 2020

Prof. Pischedda was a great prof for Guided Research & Seminar this semester. She's a fair grader, gives good advice, and is very approachable if you have questions or would like some clarifications. You can tell she really cares about her students, and I'd be happy to take another course with her sometime in the future. Also, her research sounds really cool!