Manette Sandor

Dec 2020

Really nice professor! Moderate workload.

Dec 2019

Sandor is really sweet and willing to help you out during office hours if you don't understand the content. I didn't do too well in the class, but still ended up with an A so I think she's on the easier side of grading. We did have to do lecture reflections at the beginning of each class, which most profs don't have you do, but they took up 5 minutes and not much thought at all. Would definitely recommend

Nov 2019

Dr Sandor is really nice, but not an easy grader. She is a genuinely caring person who wants you to feel comfortable and tries to prepare you well for the exams, but to be honest her grading can be unfair compared to other seminar profs. I'd say the grading from her is much harsher than for most other sections. She's also strict about deadlines unlike some other seminar profs who grant extensions on homework. She also does "lecture reflections" each class which is different than other Fro Sci seminars. But she is really nice as a person and cares. Basically, if you're already great at science and know how to do each problem without an issue, you'll be really happy with her. Otherwise, I'd try to switch to a different prof for seminar if possible because other profs are easier graders.