Carl Vondrick

Jan 2020

Somehow there's no review on Prof Vondrick yet despite him teaching here for two? three? years now, so I thought I'd get it started. Overall, I really enjoyed his lectures. The earlier lectures on image processing were simply mind-blowing to me and a good foundation on accessing the field of computer vision. Past neural networks, it gets a little hand-wavey (as classes tend to, as I've learnt, after deep learning comes in and dominates the field) because Prof. Vondrick doesn't really get into the details of constructing a neural network tailored to CV, and talking about theory on a powerpoint only gets you so far. However, he continues to give great theoretical intuition on how the math/techniques work. You can tell he is a brilliant man. Pretty good class and I learnt a good deal. Helps to have linear algebra and some algorithms prerequisites (even more helpful to have taken a class on deep learning) as he goes through some concepts assuming the class already knows them.