Yuan He

Mar 2021

Overall an easy class, but definitely a good introduction to linear algebra. A lot of good notes and definitely help me to build a good foundation and prepare me for other upper-level applied math classes. Professor He is very clear in class and always makes sure students understand the material. The class pace is not fast but not too slow. Exams are relatively easy and similar to the homework with one or two "harder" problems.

Feb 2021

Professor He is extremely clear and makes differential equations and linear algebra relatively easy to understand, she's a wonderful professor!

Dec 2019

* Review for Computational Mathematics: Intro to Numerical Methods (APMA 4300) * Basic introduction to common numerical methods. Overall an easy course. Prof Yuan is very approachable and cares about the students. There's office hour 2 days a week. She posts the lecture notes online which helps a lot. Read the textbook prescribed and follow the lecture notes. Don't miss classes and its an easy A.