Amir Sagiv

May 2021

Professor Amir is the worst professor I met as a student. If you do not need to take his class, don't. I had to take his class due to major requirement, and it was horrible. His lectures were aggressively boring and unclear. I was much better off reading the book. I got an A in the class, but it had nothing to do with his teaching. It was even more of a misfortune to take his class during COVID because he has the hand-writing of an infant. Yes, he basically can't write and spell. Frankly, I hope Amir can switch to something he is good at, as I am sure he knows that he's not good at teaching.

Dec 2020

Although he is a lovely person and entertaining I must say his class on zoom was in the top 5 most challenging classes of my life. His class structure was not helpful at all and hard to keep up with. I attended Youngren's classes too to see if it was about the course or my prof. Unfortunately, youngren was great with extra visuals, graphs, and a thorough presentation of the content. The material in multi is definitely hard and you have to build on each new concept and with amir, everything felt out of context. I loved Amir as a person and enjoyed his company but regret taking this course from him.