Brianne Baker

Nov 2020

I literally cannot recommend Professor Baker enough. She is such a nice easy going teacher, that is really straightforward with her expectations. She is an incredibly reasonable grader and is very understanding that life happens so as long as you communicate with her she's really understanding if you need an extension or extra help on anything. I also have her over zoom and she has done a pretty good job keeping the class engaging in that environment. If you like discussion-based classes, this is a great option. She really will let the students guide the conversation to wherever they think it will be helpful. I really recommend her class if you want a class that is very low stress and won't be a waste of time.

Oct 2019

Brianne is a very nice person and a competent teacher. I would take her class again. She is generally very understanding and takes time outside of class to meet with each of us to give us constructive feedback on our formal drafts. Class discussion centered around the short articles Brianne assigned. Generally, the discussions are very open; in fact, I would've appreciated if Brianne led/shaped the discussion a bit more. But this is just a matter of personal preference. I still found the discussions to be quite enjoyable and thought provoking overall. In terms of grading, Brianne is very reasonable and wants you to do well. Edit your essays as per her comments and you'll be fine.