Siobhan Watson

Sep 2020

Writing this review because Sclar no longer teaches Urbanization and Sustainability. Watson is a great prof. and I learned a lot. There's quite a bit of reading, including 4 books (we didn't read the last one because of the transition to remote learning), but all were applicable. There were a couple of short essays and a final essay (changed to a group essay for us, again because of the pandemic), all of which were graded fairly and had A-averages. When the pandemic hit, Watson was super understanding and reduced the reading, canceled a required field trip, and assured us that we would all pass. She works on these issues every day at the mayor's office and you can tell that she knows her stuff. She is really passionate about her field, facilitates great discussions, and provides helpful feedback. Urbanization is a huge field, but Watson is great at picking out the things that you need to know as a beginner and teaching you key things about them.