Konstantin Aleshkin

Aug 2020

Konstantin Aleshkin taught word-for-word from the textbook during the lecture, which meant that there was no reason to stay in the lecture. Homework were problems straight from the book (the lowest 6 homeworks were dropped). As a person, he is very nice and understanding (from my very few interactions with him), but he is not the best professor. His exam questions are written by himself, and are completely different from what you will see in class or in the textbook. The exams themselves were not curved, but the final grade was curved according to the guidelines below: < 50 C+ < 77 A- < 85 A < 100 A+ The average for the first midterm was 73.1, the average for the second midterm was 61.2, and the average for the final was 63.7.

May 2020

Easily the best Calc course I've taken. Reminiscent of the simplicity and straightforwardness of high school teachers, Konstantin brings a friendly, exploratory presence to class, with lectures being on the point and interesting, and homework reinforcing the lectures. If you're not a math major and just need to get though calc (for econ), then this is the guy for you. He is so easy to approach, and is always very helpful, as well as has a sense of where your understanding broke down. With this class, there are no tricks or anything, its just learning and seeing how well you learned it. 10/10

Jan 2020

I'm kinda surprised that he doesn't have any reviews. In class, he just goes over proofs and following them can be very difficult. Lectures aren't that interesting and it can be tempting to skip them because all of it is in the book. Homework isn't graded that easy but its only worth 10 percent. The midterms and final don't have any surprises; he gave a pretty comprehensive practice test before the second midterm and the final which was really helpful. Before each test, he also sends a lists of topics to cover that make studying very straight forward. This class wasn't that interesting but it gets the job done and it is curved generously (I got an A+ with an 87). Though he may not sound like a good teacher, I do have to say that the amount that you put in class really does help. You WILL get lost at some point and you need to ask questions (he really wants them). Trust me, he will not get impatient even if you ask a stupid question on a topic he covered 20 minutes prior (or hell, even 3 lectures ago). At office hours he will try hard to make you understand even if it means reexplaining something in 5 different ways. If you understand it, he will find it worth it. The class was probably curved to a B+/A- as I could tell from the medians of the midterms and the final grade cutoffs. I had the suspicion that not a lot of people tried though. The return box for homework and tests was filled to the brim, the class wasn't that filled, and few people asked questions (probably like 5 per lecture, with 3 of them being mine).