Conor Macvarish

Apr 2021

Conor is awesome!! He seems a bit prickly on the outside lol but he's actually a real sweetheart and cares about UW. This may have just been a product of the Grad Student Strike which took 3 weeks of our course (course-wide post-strike policy was that P1 and P2 count and then P3 and P4 are automatic As), but he really really really really gave everyone wayyyyy better grades than we deserved. Our class DID NOT participate in the least. We could not write. We just failed epically as students. But Conor was still very generous both in class and with grades more than he had to be. Without the strike, I think we all still would have done pretty okay. According to a GroupMe poll, on P1, 5 kids got in the A range and 6 kids got in the B range. For P2, one person got an A+, 9 people got an A, 2 people got an A-, and one person got a B+. Although I think there's a mandatory or recommended grade distribution across all UW sections so maybe it doesn't matter? idk Course discussions were really nice. Conor made everyone feel as though they had valuable things to say and didn't spend too much time talking himself. He also basically ditched the textbook and just distilled the interesting stuff. The essays we read were almost all very compelling, although "Sweatshop Sublime" nearly killed me from boredom. Anyyyyywhoooo, take the class with Conor/don't try to switch out.