Ciara Torres

Apr 2020

full disclaimer: I did not stay in this class beyond 1 month. But I dropped it mostly because of Ciara Torres. So the class used to be taught by Carl Hart who most people agree is pretty awesome in his field and a great professor. The semester I was enrolled in the class for a month (fall 2019), it was Professor Torres's first time teaching and the first time ever the class was not taught by Carl Hart. My read on the situation, and maybe I'm wrong, is that she was insecure because of this. She spent a lot of time delivering her opinions and making bold claims, which is great, but when students asked questions to understand more or when they disagreed with her, they got shut down repeatedly. Overall, I didn't feel she had a lot of respect for students as fellow academic partners and just wanted to get on her soapbox and not be questioned at all. Some of the stuff she said was flat-out factually incorrect (for instance, that people in the UK idolize Guy Fawkes and that's why the holiday happens. not that big of a deal but I grew up in the UK so kinda peeved me. I'm also of the opinion that if you're going to bring something up in a lecture you yourself design, you should at least get it right). There was also some data it seems like she may have misinterpreted but when some students questioned her that conversation was shut down, so I can't say if she was wrong or the students misunderstood.