Benjamin Serby

Mar 2021

As an instructor, Ben is a fair grader and straightforward with his teaching. He is very open to working with students along with giving feedback. My main grievance is his semi-constant annoyance he seems to have with teaching this class. In fact, halfway through the semester, he stopped moderating the class almost entirely (and put the burden on the students). At one point, our class collectively asked for a deadline extension as well which seemed to upset him far more than it should have (even though he said yes). He never let up on this afterward and brought up his disappointment for weeks after the fact. My final comment on Ben is that he does not seem socially aware enough on some issues to teach this class. He would rarely allow us to discuss the prejudices of the philosophers. On the first day of class, a student attempted to start a valuable discussion on Kant's racism and how it related to our text. Ben got defensive, dismissed the racism as "historical blindness," and that student ended up dropping the class. He also discouraged us from discussing our grievances with the CC syllabus being too white and eurocentric (he does not think it is an idea worth exploring). Overall, a very mediocre instructor. Not too difficult to do well in this class but there are probably better people to take this class with if you're interested in learning about the material.