Nora Isacoff

Dec 2020

Prof. Isacoff is one of my favorite professors I've ever had at Columbia. She clearly has a passion for Psychology and the study of language from both linguistic and psychological lenses. Her passion for the topic makes the class more engaging, and she absolutely encourages people to discuss-- I've never had a more lively class on Zoom. She more than welcomes differing opinions on the literature discussed within the course, and she had us think critically about the implications of research that exist within Psychology and Linguistics. I think one of my favorite things she said at the beginning of the class was around the lines of "It's okay to completely or partially disagree with the papers!" Aside from her sheer enthusiasm for Psychology and Linguistics, Prof. Isacoff is one of the most genuine professors I've ever encountered, as well. Her love of teaching and academic discourse extends to her genuine care for each and every one of her students' well-being, which cannot be lauded enough, especially given the current circumstances with the pandemic. Prof. Isacoff checked in with us before we started every class, which truly made my week. She is incredibly diligent and is extremely quick in responding to communications via email or on Canvas Discussion boards. During the pandemic, where everyone is facing a plethora of varied obstacles, it was crucial to my overall well-being to be able to look forward to the class where we would learn a lot and be able to breathe, as well. I will miss this class. I'm confident that this class will be amazing whether in-person or online, though! TL;DR: Take the class, Prof. Isacoff is amazing, and as long as you do the work and participate in class, you will do well.