Charlotte Gorant

Aug 2020

Gorant is an arrogant, condescending, boring, and quite biased teacher, and by far the worst teacher I've had in my life (including Community College). She will disregard your ideas infront of the whole class, seem omniscient, and somehow structure an entire class so that you learn absolutely nothing interesting from her. Her classes are so boring I'd rather have my eye flicked for two hours than sit in her lecture. But worst is her grading which is completely arbitrary and makes no sense at all. Avoid taking her as a teacher as if your life depends on it, cause your GPA will. I just can't believe that is where my money went to, I'm shocked.

Dec 2019

Professor Gorant is by far the worst college professor I have had. Her style of teaching is extremely patronizing— she expects her students to have a vast understanding of art history prior to taking the course, and asks questions in class that are far beyond the level of comprehension any other art hum course expects their students to master. In class, she allowed one student to yell at another because they did not agree with the statement the other student made. When the student being yelled at attempted to apologize to the student yelling, Professor Gorant told the apologetic student to leave her class and not come back. Aside from her completely unacceptable treatment of students, her grading expectations are baffling. She gives a strict page limit on writing assignments, then writes commentary about how she wishes you could’ve added more detail. The midterm was graded as if she was teaching a writing course, not art hum. Overall, a horrible professor, but I did learn a little.