Hammou Elbarmi

Jan 2020

Take Hammou for Calc-Based Stats! I registered for Joyce Robbins and then a week before classes started her name was swapped out with his and I was mad. But turns out Hammou was great. And based on what I've heard, he's much easier and more straightforward than Joyce, at least in terms of the exams he gives. Exam 1 average was very high. Exam 2 was hard and average was around 65%. Final was easier material than exam 2 so I'm assuming average is higher. You get two cheat sheets for the final and one for the midterms. This class is basically just "can you use equations you have written down on paper correctly"? Straightforward if you take good notes and have the appropriate equations written down. Boring material, but what can you do? Hammou is nice, though. And he really tries. What a sweet man.