Theresa Sharpe

Jan 2021

Theresa is truly amazing. She knows her stuff and teaches in a very engaging way. Her classes were always full because regardless of doing the readings, she explains everything you need to know in class, but the readings are a great compliment and are very interesting and not hard to read. She has many office hour slots and encourages students to meet with her to get to know each other. HOWEVER, the grade that you get really depends on the TA that you take. In the beginning, they are not very clear about how they grade the essays, and even though I included everything that Theresa wanted in the essay, did get a lower than average grade for an essay because the TA wanted more than the requirements made by Theresa. Final word, definitely recommend the class, but be aware of the TA that you choose.

Dec 2020

Engaging, interesting -- plus an easy A if you do well on quizzes/do your homework!

Dec 2020

(This class was co-taught by Adam Reich and Teresa Sharpe). I enjoyed this class, even though I don't know if I loved it as much as I expected to do based on the reviews. It was pretty easy and the professors were very nice and accommodating, constantly adjusting the course based on student feedback. The workload became much lighter towards the end of the semester as a result of this, but it was never overwhelming. We usually met only once a week for "small group sessions", and occasionally didn't even meet at all during a week. How stressed you are about your grade in this class will probably depend on your TA. Mine was fairly harsh, which soured my enjoyment of the class, considerably. However, the easy 5 question quizzes given every week give you a good chance to make it up. My main issue with my TA's grading was on the ethnographic field notes, which were supposed to be 250-750 words. However, the complex prompts usually invited more analysis than 750 words would allow. On my first few field notes, my TA simultaneously zinged me for "not enough analysis/ rich ethnographic detail" AND for going over the word limit (by m not sure how this class would be in a traditional, non-Zoom setting, but the professors certainly did a great job of adapting to the online format. Also, it was cute to see them co-teaching.

Dec 2020

(Prof Reich and Prof Sharpe co-taught the class) There were many times in the semester where I was like, why the heck am I taking this class, but I found my reasons by the end of the semester. First, it's a pre-req that a lot of majors require (like business and sus dev), so if you go into the class thinking you want to do Sociology (like I did) and end up not liking it, there's a possibility you still use it towards your major! Second, it's not a hard class. You have weekly work, but the professors are accommodating to students' feedback throughout the semester and adapt accordingly. For example, we had a tonnn of reading at the beginning of the semester but gave feedback and they cut it down a lot. Regardless, if you are good at "winging it" by just skimming readings and bsing quizzes/papers, this is a perfect class for you. They also drop your lowest quiz/note/group work score which is very nice. Was never stressed about my grade in this class. PLUS we usually one live class once a week! Third, this class covered a lot, and you'll get something out of it by the end. Podcasts and readings were interesting. Even though I didn't feel like doing the readings a lot of the weeks, I was still able to learn stuff from the discussion section and quizzes and writing ethnographic fieldnotes. The professors are really passionate about what they do, and very accommodating to students opinions about classwork. They are also extremely patient, as we had an online class of about 300 and they were constantly answering questions and being patient with technological issues.

Apr 2020

This class is a must for any Columbia students looking to gain foundational knowledge about how people interact with one another along race, gender, and class lines. The Social World is the best class I have taken so far in my college career. The readings are phenomenal. Professor Sharpe is articulate and thoughtful in her lectures. Please take the class. Adored my TA too. Definitely not a class where you will have to fight for a decent grade, and you won't want to be engaged in the class just for the grade if you even half care about the world.