Breixo Viejo Vinas

Mar 2021

What a world, what a life IM IN LOVE.

Mar 2021

My favorite class of college. Breixo is one of the best that there is. I absolutely adore him and his classes. This class was an in-depth auteur study on these two amazing filmmakers. We watched 5 films and read the texts that they were adapted from. The work doesn't feel like real work. It is so enjoyable and fulfilling. Definitely take whatever Breixo has to offer and you are in for a treat. Thanks for being the best professor Viejo!

Mar 2021

An absolute king. Definitely not a super tough grader but you get what you put into class. Breixo makes Zoom classes fun (the highest praise). Looked forward to our meetings every week.

Feb 2021

THE ACTUAL BOMB.COM. He is such a cutie and is so passionate about cinema. I loved him and this class and I want to major in film studies now because of him. He is the best in the department!!

Jan 2021

I LOVE BREIXO. He is sucha cutie and so nice. He just loves movies this guy. Fun class and really easy.