Matthew Heeney

Dec 2020

If Matthew Heeney's been assigned as your CC teacher, rest assured you're in great hands. Professor Heeney is a wonderful teacher. I took his course during the first CC class he's ever taught and you'd figure he'd probably go too fast or that his class would be too complex to grasp (considering he has a Ph.D. and works in the Philosophy department), but it's surprisingly very enjoyable, well-paced and understandable. Professor Heeney is also a really fascinating and intelligent guy, whose love for Philosophy is clearly reflected in the course: it is evident he prepares very well for each discussion and is always ready to explore unforeseen paths that the conversation might lead to. He breaks down the material covered in a pretty comprehensible way and uses the various authors' frameworks we study to address seemingly off-topic inquiries. Even if you might've not understood half of the course readings, he does a great job in analyzing and explaining key ideas from each text, and further secures your understanding of the material with methods like breakout sessions and passage analysis. Finally and most of all, professor Heeney is a really sweet and flexible person, who cares a lot about his students. He's always available to talk, discuss philosophical questions, and help out with assignments and papers.