Lauren Horst

May 2020

Lauren is one of the coolest, kindest, most empathetic professors I've had at Columbia! She's kinda quirky, but it only adds to her uniquely awesome persona as a UW instructor. She is so incredibly helpful; if you take her feedback into consideration and really put thought into your writing, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to get at the very least an A-, if not likely an A. She knows that UW doesn't have the best reputation with students, and actively tries to fight that by not having us do any superfluous work – everything we do for HW makes sense. For exploratory drafts, she gives us structured worksheets to fill out that essentially give us an idea for how to outline the paper instead of throwing us into the deep end as many other UW instructors do. Her feedback is timely, detailed, and so so helpful. I would 100% recommend going into office hours, because that's where you'll get truly golden advice from her. Most of all, Lauren truly cares about her students; I felt like if I had a personal issue and there was one instructor I'd talk to about it, it would be Lauren. She is simply amazing!