Noelle Turtur

Apr 2021

Avoid. She's disorganized, an unreasonably harsh grader, and she doesn't seem to know the stuff we read in CC well enough to be teaching it. In my opinion, she basically uses class discussions and student participation as a crutch for her own unfamiliarity with the material. She will have you write essays on specific prompts and then fault you for actually answering the question she asks/doing what she said she wanted. Though she'd get better with feedback from the fall and made the mistake of staying in her section for the spring; she has only gotten worse. My biggest problem with her class is that it is hard AND you learn little. I'm not hyper grade-focused and I'm generally fine with one or the other, but not both. To her credit, she is pretty lenient with extensions, and sometimes even gives the whole class one. However, this is often because she has not released the paper prompts early enough and there's no way we could get it done otherwise. Don't expect to receive the previous paper back before you have to write and submit the next one. Also, for what it's worth, she has a disposition that is nice and reassuring, maybe a little scattered, and until you get your first feedback you will probably think "wow, that culpa reviewer really must've had an axe to grind, she is so sweet and tells me I'm doing so well and I'm so glad I ignored the advice." Don't say you weren't warned. Amazing people in the class have made the experience overall not bad, but that's no thanks to Noelle.