Camilla Sturm

Jan 2021

This course was amazing, and this is coming from a computer science kid. I took this class on a whim to fulfill my gen ed requirements, but it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The class is engaging and genuinely interesting. I've never thought about where we as a species come from before, but this class really digs into those issues and prompts good discussions. Prof Sturm is relaxed and friendly during class. She always included fun icebreakers to prime us for discussion at the start of class and the TAs that monitor the chat during class are prompt and effective in answering questions. If this class were in person and in pre-covid times, I would definitely have shown up to Prof Sturm's office just to hear her speak more about the class material. What more, the workload is light and doesn't feel like "work." The readings are things that I would actually read in my free time. The grading is easy as well. 10/10 would take again

Dec 2020

I took this introductory anthropology course my first semester at Barnard online in the fall of 2020 during covid-19. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a great class with which to fulfill a requirement. Professor Sturm is warm, inviting, and incredibly knowledgeable about her field, and she always had great lectures. We had an average level of work for the class. There were two lectures per week and then a small discussion section with a graduate TA once a week to go over course material and understand the readings. Overall, I recommend this course!